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As Tanzanians dive into the festive season, families and solo travelers are embarking on joyous reunions and memorable road trips. Ensuring the safety and reliability of your vehicle is now in the spotlight, with experts from CFAO Motors Tanzania unveiling crucial tips for stress-free and secure holiday travel.

To ensure safety and uninterrupted celebrations, CFAO Motors Tanzania emerges as a key player in promoting road safety with a special offer for its customers. The renowned automotive service provider offers free vehicle health checks, covering essential components such as the engine, body, brakes, and tires.

Before embarking on long journeys, experts and technicians from CFAO Motors Tanzania emphasize the importance of comprehensive car health checkups. Munir Ladak, the Director of After-Sales at CFAO Motors Tanzania, highlighted the significance of prioritizing safety during the festive season.

"At CFAO Motors, we understand that safety is paramount for our customers. Our array of services, including meticulous technical inspections and genuine replacement parts, ensures your vehicle is primed for the festive journeys ahead," said Ladak.

Key recommendations from experts for vehicle health checks fall on the below key six areas;

1. Full-service oil change to ensure optimal engine performance.

2. Tire maintenance to ensure even wear, enhanced fuel efficiency, and overall road safety.

3. Fluid checks which cover examinations of transmission, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid levels are essential for smooth operations.

4. Battery health check to ensure a reliable power supply for starting and operating the vehicle.

5. Belts and hoses check for identifying and addressing potential issues arising from worn or damaged belts and hoses.

6. Air and cabin filters check for improved air quality within the car, enhancing overall driving comfort and safety.

CFAO Motors Tanzania offers free health checks for customers who purchased vehicles from them in the past five years to encourage proactive vehicle maintenance. The offer includes comprehensive inspections using top-range machines and covers crucial areas such as the engine, body, brakes, and tires.

John Pima, Training Coordinator and Technical Supervisor at CFAO Motors Tanzania emphasized the necessity of seeking professional advice and services.

"Car owners should have their vehicles inspected regularly, especially before embarking on lengthy trips. Our team at CFAO Motors is committed to providing expert guidance and top-notch service to keep our customers safe on the roads." He said.

As road accidents continue to pose a significant threat, the initiative by CFAO Motors Tanzania underscores the importance of proactive measures to ensure the technical safety of vehicles, particularly during the holiday season. Data from official sources indicates that between January 1 to December 12, 2023, there have been 1,550 deaths resulting from 1,641 road accidents in Tanzania. Car defect is cited as one of the causes of road accidents in the country.

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